The Twiddys and an Antique Ford | Family Portraits

When Andrea asked if it would be OK if her father-in-law brought his antique Ford along for the shoot, I thought – Yes Please!! Growing up there was always a cool antique car under restoration in our garage, so I developed a love of all things motor-related. I was excited to add this new element into their annual portraits!

The morning of their shoot, I woke up to very heavy fog with a blanket of frost on the ground. It was so thick that I couldn’t see off my back deck! Last year’s photos were on one of the coldest days in October, and I was worried we were headed down that road once again. But when I got outside to prepare, I was excited at how beautiful the fog actually was!

The family arrived shortly before 9am and along with them their antique 1934 Ford! We said our hellos and started setting up for their shoot. Then we found it! Beautiful light leaks alongside the back of the barn, filtered through our mature trees and diffused through the thick fog! It was SO pretty (you can see for yourself down below). If I could order some thick fog for more of my sessions, I sure would.

Capture these sweet moments while your children are little. When they’re all grown up heading off into the world, you’ll cherish those images you captured of the way they laugh when you tickle them. Or the way they smile when you give them a big warm hug. These moments are so fleeting, record them in photographs to pass down for generations.

If you’re interested in booking your own family experience in time for the holiday card season, we are now booking limited dates in studio for November.

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