Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a photographer for the first time can be overwhelming. Or maybe you’re like me and just like to have all the info up front before making the plunge! Either way, here are some of the most common questions I receive. If you are still unsure of a few things after reading through this list, please reach out.

Where do your outdoor family sessions take place?
We are a unique studio in where we have our own private field of 40+ acres to use as our backdrop! There is a beautiful treeline, tall grass and trails to use to create a beautiful mix of backdrops perfect for a family session. The outdoor family sessions shown in my portfolio were photographed right here in my ‘backyard’.

Do you offer outdoor locations other than your field?
Yes! However, keep in mind that certain locations require a photo permit. Any photo permit fees for a location will be added to your session fee. These types of locations are sunflower fields, conservation areas, private businesses, etc. Locations outside of Port Perry are also subject to travel fees.

Do you offer mini sessions?
The short answer is, no. My style is not conducive to a mini session. There are moments that unfold quickly, but then there are moments that take time. To include the authentic details, I do not want to rush that into a mini amount of time.

Do you offer archival quality photo prints?
Yes! I believe in the value of a printed photograph more than a digital file on your computer. So for that reason, I offer high quality photo prints for sale right through your galleries. Photo prints ordered through me are the only photo prints that I will guarantee quality.

What happens if you need to reschedule?
I get it, we all get sick from time to time. Your little one isn’t feeling well the day of or day before your session and you need to reschedule. That’s ok! I have little ones of my own, so I can empathize. Every session can have a one-time penalty-free reschedule date. It must occur within 30-days of your original date, otherwise your retainer is forfeited. Need to reschedule further out than 30-days? There is a rescheduling fee and new contract required.

What kind of equipment do you use?
I have two cameras, a Canon EOS R and a Canon 6D which I have as my backup. I use Canon L series professional lenses in a variety of focal lengths. In-studio I use Elinchrom strobes and a variety of modifiers to create different light depending on my creative goal.

How long have you been photographing?
Professionally since 2008, but I picked up my first (film) camera when I was a teenager. OK, actually, it was my Mum’s and I would borrow it often to go out and photograph. I still have a film camera! When I studied photography at Ryerson University, I would develop my own B&W and colour film.

Do you deliver RAW files?
No. Despite the RAW files being enormous in size, they are an unfinished product. During the culling phase, I will delete any unflattering or out of focus images (hellooo fast moving children) in order to deliver the very best edited images in your gallery. The final jpeg files will be high resolution and colour balanced.

Will my photos be displayed on your website?
Not all my sessions make it to my web gallery, though I do try to update my galleries every 6 months with my favourites from the previous seasons sessions.

How long will it take to get my photos?
Once your session is complete, I will start the creative process of culling and editing. This can take a minimum of two-three weeks. During the busy season (September-December), lead times can be longer.

Do you offer posing instruction?
I sure do! For all my head shot sessions I will guide your posing through each step to help you relax and feel more confident. During family sessions, I use prompts and gentle posing to help guide you.