The Jansen Family | 50th Wedding Anniversary

Mark contacted me about photographing an extended family portrait as a gift for his parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. What an awesome gift! (Okay, okay, I am biased… but really, photographs keep giving for years and years!) Photographs are an important part in recording those family milestones. Growing up, we would have family slide nights (remember slide projectors??), and I remember being fascinated watching all our memories up on the screen, and hearing all about the stories that accompanied the images. Of course, nowadays it’s photo albums (at least in our house), but the message and feeling is still the same!

Anyway, I digress! I spent an hour with Mark and his lovely family. They chose their parents house for the setting. A house they’ve lived in for 47 years!! I just love that. I can only imagine the amount of memories that house has seen!

It was a heavily overcast evening, and oh so warm. Well, humid is probably more accurate.  We had some beautiful trees and vines in the backyard to use as our back drops, and I just love the way this family interacted with one another. We captured a variety of posed images for them to hang on their walls for years to come.

Have you had your extended family portrait taken recently?? Now booking for end of November.

Father and son portraitExtended family portrait in a grapevineTween aged boyBlonde haired girl in monochromeDad giving his daughter a piggyback in the grapevinesMother and daughter embraceParents hugging their 10 year old daughterDad and his two kidsFamily of four in front of the hedgeSenior couple who've been married for 50 years