The Kid Collection | Child Portrait

Oh how I love working with kids in the studio! Over the years, I have been trying to document my own children with studio portraits. There’s something about getting them into a small space in front of the camera and just talking with them, seeing what makes them unique – see what they want to share with me that day. Some of the best portraits of my own kids, have come from them telling me all about their favourite things. Something about the wonder in a child’s eyes talking about their most prized memories, favourite activities to go do, or places they want to explore. This is a service that I really wanted to offer to my clients, and so The Kid Collection was born. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing some really awesome little people this past year, and I am always tickled with the photos that we make together. These images are from a session I did in January with the beautiful Isabella. If you are interested in booking a session for your child(ren), please give me a shout and let’s plan it!

Brunette child in school uniform for her studio portraitChild portrait on blue backdropChild portrait on blue backdropChild portrait on blue backdropChild portrait on blue backdrop