Kids and Cameras | Personal Blog

A few weeks ago I gave my kids an old point and shoot digital camera. Well, in all honesty, I gave it to my eldest, but whatever big sister has, little sister wants. Right? Isn’t that the way? lol I have an older sister, so I know that it was that way for me. Meh. Ro is really good at sharing… now hopefully Carys learns that and remembers ;)

I still have yet to download the images off this old camera, and I think there may be some real gems. Ro took it around at our family gathering over Easter and was capturing all sorts of candids of her cousins. Maybe I will make her a little accordion album of her photos at the end of the year. I foresee a lot of culling in my future :D

One morning, I found Carys playing with the camera in my room and had to document her little fingers gripping the camera and her little eyes watching in wonder. I remember my first camera. It was a Kodak 110 mm film camera back in the 1980’s. I wonder what happened to that thing, anyway!

Future photographer in the making? Maybe.