Milk Producer Magazing | Editorial Photography

In September I was approached by Dairy Farmers of Ontario to take some editorial photographs of a local dairy farm for their upcoming October edition of Milk Producer Magazine. I had been thinking of getting into editorial photography for a while, so I jumped at the chance to give it a try!

I met with the family on a beautiful but overcast Friday evening at their farm. The property was beautiful! Gorgeous fields as far as you could see. A big beautiful red barn. But what really stole my heart were their kids! I am a sucker for little people. They all greeted me with kindness, and genuine interest in what we were going to do for the next little bit. They told me all about their little kitten, Simba, who was happily carried around for a very long time by their middle child. It was adorable!

After I took some photos of the whole family, I took Rob out to the fields that were never able to be planted due to such a wet spring. I learned the history of his farm, and what got him into farming in the first place. I had a great time and it’s never a bad day at work when you’re having so much fun. The photos turned out great, and one of them even made the cover.

Here are a few of my favourites, as well as a copy of the cover they sent me. If you’re interested in reading more about it, you can visit Milk Producer’s website here.

dairy farmers of ontarioMilk Producer Magazine Cover October 2019