Spring Ice Storm | Personal Blog

Last weekend we were hit with a spring storm. Well, more like a winter storm! We had two days of ice pellets followed by freezing rain, and then a nice topping of snow. In April! Now, I realize it’s not unusual to get snow in April. I’ve been around long enough to know that spring hasn’t actually sprung until everything has turned green. But it’s getting a little ridiculous, lol. We were lucky in that we didn’t have any plans or needed to be anywhere, so we hung out indoors where it was safe and dry. To help pass the time, we played games, reorganized the basement (as we are in the process of finishing it – photos to come) and broke out the paints. The only time my girls are quiet working on their own, is if they are painting. My little artists. Of course, I did my own creating while they were inspired and captured some images.

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Painting, Toddler, Little girl paintingYoung girl paintingToddler paintingLittle girl standing on a stool washing her handsToddler washing her handsYoung girl washing her hands at the sink blowing bubbles