The Parish Family – Golden Hour

It’s no secret that I adore photographing at golden hour. A lot of photographers do! And for that reason, I only schedule one session per date. This also helps to make sure that my clients never feel rushed for time during their sessions. It never fails that there is always that ‘warm up’ period when photographing people you may not have met before. Whenever I arrive at a session (or they arrive to my studio location), I will ask some questions, get to know them better, before I point my camera at them. But I have to say, photographing this family had such an easy and natural flow. I felt like they were old friends I hadn’t seen in forever and we just picked up where we left off. Their young daughter totally stole the show and I think that we were on track to become BFFs. We spent an hour enjoying the warm summer air, the golden glow of the sun and played a bunch of games to get these easy and candid connections.

Their property was the perfect backdrop to host their family photos.  The dairy cows lined up behind them, curious to see what we were doing, to Doug the photo-bombing cat. Oh and you can’t forget Tess! Tess is their sweet pup who would rather stare down the cat then join us for a photo. 😂 At every turn there was a beautiful spot to photograph in! I think I said my famous last words more than 3 times… maybe 5. “Just one more”, and then I would find another spot with gorgeous light!

I tried to narrow down my favourites for this post… but I think I’ll just overshare instead. Interested in capturing your family’s genuine connection? Contact me!

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