The Parrys | Annual Family Portrait

You will recognize this awesome family for sure, they’ve been coming to see me for their annual family portraits since 2014! And before that, Richie had photographed them a few times, too. For the last few years though, the weather doesn’t cooperate and it is heavily overcast and threatening rain. Which can add a neat element of a mysterious sky. However, when I saw the long-range forecast was threatening rain and cloudy skies once again, I contacted Sarah and asked if they could switch days and I added an extra session on one of the warmest days we’ve had in October yet! It was sunny, gorgeous and warm. So I was super pumped that it would be a brighter and more golden session for them.

Their boys are so sweet. They play along and do these photos each year out of love for their Mom, knowing that she looks forward to recording their family in photos. Makes my heart so happy!

We always have a good laugh during their annual session. Between my corny prompts and their jokes, we are always giggling. But really, the love and connection they have with one another, that makes these sessions flow so easily. They are always cracking jokes with one another, and are eager to tell me some new ones.

If you’ve ever wondered why I urge clients to book their outdoor sessions during the last two hours of daylight, the Parry family’s portraits are the perfect answer! The light is softer and warmer and adds beauty to everything it touches! After the time changes on November 3rd, that golden hour will be much earlier, making it difficult for families to book their weekday sessions. So that’s when we move into the studio and create a different feel of portrait! There is still time to book a session in time for holiday cards or gifts for grandparents. Contact me today to book your appointment.

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